It’s here #Beasters!!! Check out the #SiUnaVez Spanglish Lyric video now y canta con nosotros 🎤🎶 Check it out on YouTube!



  • @norma4122 4 days ago

    Wwhhhhaaattttttttttt @letilynette

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  • @iliianna_garciia 4 days ago

    Wooow Selena Quintanilla

  • @jasmineg.ruiz 4 days ago


  • @jasmineg.ruiz 4 days ago

    love 💗💗

  • @jasmineg.ruiz 4 days ago


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  • @iamvinceherrera 4 days ago

    Becky! I love you. But you guys should of had left this song alone.

  • @gf94649 4 days ago


  • @becksvocals 4 days ago


  • @thebelizeanbabe_z 4 days ago

    I told you she sang it @fr33spirt

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  • @dymngurl 3 days ago

    IM SO 😍😱💖

  • @harriet.sophie 3 days ago

    Tienes que descargarla y pasármela amiga! @helen_bejarano_lema

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  • @david7englenton 3 days ago

    @laura_vicky_romero #thesong🙌

  • @love_pink4evr90 3 days ago

    Becky G, Wisin, y Frankie J I am a fan of all u. But really... to use one of Selena's songs. Yea the beat and mix u added was good but do not mess with the legacy de Selena. Selena is #1. There is no need to twick it up to make it better, because of Selena its already the best. All u are great artist why copy someone else. @iambeckyg #disappointed

  • @ruthllless 3 days ago

    Don't like it tbh

  • @laura_vicky_romero 3 days ago

    @david7englenton gracias por enseñarmelaaa 🙌❤

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  • @david7englenton 3 days ago

    @laura_vicky_romero denada👌👌👌

  • @melchor117 3 days ago

    @jazmine_with_a_j forever replay omygosh

  • @pattyjennette6840 3 days ago

    va ser mi canción favorita

  • @paamelaortega_ 3 days ago

    Donde encuentro el video?? De que artista es ?? Es que no me sale en el canal de becky la diosa ayudenme plisss

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  • @alligray5067 2 days ago

    In love with this

  • @neuroticnorma 2 days ago

    @love_pink4evr90 I don't think they were trying to make it better. The song Selena did is still there and will be there forever no matter how many people remix it. I see it as them paying tribute to Selena.

  • @starglo87 2 days ago

    @gatitacori9 Spanglish version

  • @yeshika_32 2 days ago

    OMG is this version on iTunes?

  • @alejandra_morales 2 days ago

    Omg 😩👏🏼

  • @sabinehoussari 2 days ago

    This is such a great songgg

  • @akiza 2 days ago

    Love that dog its actually one of my favorites

  • @chinitonmarleneyahoocom 2 days ago

    I been waiting my whole life for this!!!!!!

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  • @alo.113 yesterday

    @paamelaortega_ la canción no es de rebbeca, solo es una invitada. la puedes encontrar en el canal de Play-N-Skills (music o VEVO- el que quieras) tmb tienen el audio

  • @a_dxnish yesterday