Made it to JCSU .. Charlotte in time for procession!



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    Hey cousin @supremecourtmoves ... They told us we could talk to her or touch her... To keep walking....

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    I remember long ago on your Oprah TV show you introduced us all to a group of girls who'd been picked to attend your school. And now---they're graduating with university degrees. And Oprah, you made it happen! Their lives are forever changed because of you. Blessings on you, Oprah, for doing this wonderful thing.

  • @victoriously_nicole 3 days ago

    I'm nearly in tears! Your heart and generosity will exceed your celebrity. While you are celebrating your daughters, I am celebrating you! Simply the best!👏👏👏

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    @victoriously_nicole I came to comment I am in tears. I love her and I love this.

  • @positiveeinergy 3 days ago

    I would love to see some African American girls be blessed like this there are so many suffering in horrible schools, homeschooled, and dropping out.

  • @barbaradates 3 days ago

    Congratulations to all graduates

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    Fantastic!! Congratulations graduates and future leaders of the world!!

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    Yea @gotti_mommy and you should too!!! #IknowImSelfish lol

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    Love you, Auntie ❤️

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    Ugly dress Oprah. Old woman dress. Not you.

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    Congratulations! Hold high the gold and blue!!! 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛

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    CONGRATULATIONS to you Mama O and all of the graduates! Keep pressing toward the mark! We appreciate you Mama O for caring so much. You are truly awesome!

  • @masiariley 3 days ago

    You're way in the back, back towards us and you still stand out. Tyra would be proud. Congratulations on being a greset role model. It takes ah village to raise a child

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    Congratulations 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✅✅💯

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    Congratulations, yes you 😍 made it

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    My heart is sooo full!!!💕💕

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    You're the best

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    You are so awesome. God bless you forever. ❤️

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    Awww look at my sweet JCSU!!!! OH @oprah I so love you!!! You are so amazing to me!!!!

  • @ninateapot 3 days ago

    What a incredible impact you have made @oprah those direct and indirect #salute

  • @barbarabowman_official 3 days ago

    This is exhausting for you and totally exhilarating. You have reached that oh so solid place in your heart and mind that can quickly chose what really counts and all these fabulous young people allow us to have faith in the future.

  • @damashadi 3 days ago

    Please see you private Oprah @oprah

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    Oprah, you are a God sent angel. That's why the whole world 🌎 loves you. ❤️😘

  • @holisticrose 3 days ago

    Where is everyone? This looks different from the usual college graduations.

  • @eeverybodydancee 2 days ago

    Oprah, you're doing a phenomenal job with your life and making other women, people phenomenal you are a Phenomenal Woman....@oprah

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    Yessssss to the graduation & congratulations to them all🎉🎉🎉🎉✨I was trying so hard not to focus on someone's pop-pop sleeping in the pews, I mean he was out for the count lol how I love the elders, your sure to get a chuckle😂😂😂

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